About Cooperative Domains

Our mission is to create successful endeavors that together build a capacity for appropriate community development projects around the World.

Any domain sales and leases are a source funding mechanism for our investments in such community development projects.

Cooperative Domains is an extension of the Earth Real Development Network and Collective21, a network of student social-entrepreneurs. Alongside the sales and leases of some domain brands to better suited brandholders and aligned business interests,  we are also developing a significant number of these domain properties.

Our domain portfolio includes brands that serve as the key research and development nodes within an evolving Institute for the Exploration and Integration of Ideal Systems and Appropriate Technology and Design.

Many of the domains are already directly geared towards the activation of projects we believe would be a benefit to communities everywhere. aFoodForest.com for example, is a seed project that shares plans and resources with communities about edible food forests and growing strategies for local food security.

Many of our domains also embrace ‘big ideas’ that we want to help foster and evolve, like creating opportunities for children and youth to learn the principles of permacultural design as a complimentary stream of academic development that will help them better envision the ways of designing the World of the future.One of our prime paradigm ‘Big Ideas’ revolves around stewarding our Planet with more attention to how we design and build our living environments, and how we work with existing and future technologies to create a World that is more sustainable and re-generative. We believe that we are ready to shift into a more cooperative state of humanity.

So Cooperative Domains is more than a premium domains-for-sale portfolio; it’s a part of a new and interesting idea that showcases future trending domains, and holds space for technological developments that are already on the cusp of having a remarkable transformative influence on society as we move into a new era of advancement and integration.

Helping communities improve the quality of their living environments, by bringing forth the integrations that will support more and more community based initiatives is our circular ethos. Many of our initiatives are designed to help the younger generations learn how to co-create and cooperate. We want to inspire them to bring new thinking, and great ideas into their communities.

It is a core mandate of the Earth Real Networks to embrace this continual process of improvement and innovation throughout our networks. We believe strongly in the future, and we see many timelines converging into many opportunities, some of which will naturally bring great benefit to the people, but also some which have to be explored with great care and consideration. This is why we are invested into having a platform that can speak to many of the future technologies that will be brought into our lives by the rapid advances in new sciences, such as blockchain, AI, and robotics.

As we move into an age of global hyper-mobility, memetic transference, and global syntony, we will also be moving into an age of deep introspection. The realizations to be made, will call from within us, for greater diligence and care and consideration of all future directions and developments to ensure and safeguard our future on this precious Planet Earth.

We want to make the World as good as it can be… And there are lot’s of wonderful and exciting ways in which we can do that.

So be a part of that and feel free to reach out to us and talk to us about your ideas, and how we might be able to work together on common concerns, and passions.

So, that’s a little bit about us, and how we feel about what this is, and why we are doing it the way we are.

My name is PatĨo, but just call me Patch.

and I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay well, be great, and cheers!